Megapixel Webcam General

A few years ago, I installed a webcam on my house, mainly to see how the weather was at home while I was traveling.

The camera shows live moving images but the picture quality is fairly poor at 480p resolution.

While researching other webcams, I came across the “Foto-Webcams” run in Europe by Florian Radlherr in Munich.  Beautiful, high resolution images even at night!  This is what I wanted so I built a camera based on his technology and instructions.  I call these cameras “Megapixel Webcams”.

BEFORE – standard webcam – view at night


AFTER –megapixel webcam – view at night


The software is open source and described in detail on the Foto-Webcam site.  The site is in German but a Google translator is included.  Another blog “Megapixel Webcam Technology” has a description of the hardware I am using.

If anybody in the San Francisco Bay Area has a spectacular view and would like to install a megapixel webcam, please contact me.