Megapixel Webcam General

A few years ago, I installed a webcam on my house, mainly to see how the weather was at home while I was traveling.

The camera shows live moving images but the picture quality is fairly poor at 480p resolution.

While researching other webcams, I came across the “Foto-Webcams” run in Europe by Florian Radlherr in Munich.  Beautiful, high resolution images even at night!  This is what I wanted so I built a camera based on his technology and instructions.  I call these cameras “Megapixel Webcams”.

BEFORE – standard webcam – view at night


AFTER –megapixel webcam – view at night


The software is open source and described in detail on the Foto-Webcam site.  The site is in German but a Google translator is included.  Another blog “Megapixel Webcam Technology” has a description of the hardware I am using.

If anybody in the San Francisco Bay Area has a spectacular view and would like to install a megapixel webcam, please contact me.


3 thoughts on “Megapixel Webcam General”

  1. Hallo,

    Ich habe vor langer Zeit in Sunnyvale gewohnt, gleich neben einem Sportplatz (wenn ich mich recht erinnere, damals war ich recht jung). Wo genau steht denn die Webcam und in welche Richtung schaut sie?

    Flori Radlherr kenne ich, ich habe bei seinen frühen Modellen ein bischen meinen Senf dazu gegeben.

    Frohe Grüße aus München,

  2. Thanks for making this really nice webcam available! I use it to look at the mountains before deciding whether to ride my bike up there (no direct view from our place). I was hoping to ride into the snow this morning but no luck since the weather didn’t cooperate despite NWS winter storm watch. Will be checking for other chances this winter. Thanks again!


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